God moves in Stuttgart Germany - Crones, Unknown Skin disease healed

God moves in Stuttgart Germany - Crones, Unknown Skin disease healed Germany: incurable illness healed through prayer - specialists speechless "Following prayer, a number of people have recently been healed of incurable illnesses;" reports Peter Wenz, pastor of the Biblische Glaubensgemeinde (Biblical Faith Church) in Stuttgart, Germany's largest Protestant church. One young woman was suffering from "Morbus Cron", an incurable inflamation of the intestine (probably "Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome"). As she sat in the service, one of the church members had the prophetic impression that someone suffering from the disease was present. "The woman received prayer, and was immediately healed," says Wenz. A 60-year-old woman came to the church on crutches, was healed, and can now play football with her grandchild.

One morning, a young man noticed a rash on one foot, which grew 1 centimeter up his leg each day. He went to a dermatologist, who could not help the young man because he had never seen an illness like it. He sent skin samples to the Tubingen university clinic, but none of the specialists could help. After some time, the rash covered most of the young man's body. He attended an open air service in Stuttgart, where Peter Wenz met him. "God told me to pray for him, so I laid my hands on him and asked Jesus to touch him with his power. Then I went away," he says. When the young man awoke the next morning, his skin had become hard and encrusted. He immediately went to his dermatologist for an examination, but the dermatologist didn't even want to let him in to the changing room, because he was known as a hopeless case. He opened his shirt anyway, and the doctor turned white and fetched her husband from another examination. Both doctors were speechless. "What happened?" they asked; he told them that he had been in a church service, and had received prayer. The next day, the encrusted skin dropped off, revealing an entirely new skin underneath. According to Peter Wenz, the young man is now entirely healthy.

Source: Peter Wenz, Biblische Glaubensgemeinde, fax (+49) 711-484295, tel. 480400