I want to praise God for all He has done for me and my family. You see it was almost a year ago when my marriage was falling apart. My husband was backslidden we were struggling to pay bills, my husband took a second job in a bar. All I could do was pray. God started to change me, I wanted Him to change my husband, but He started with me. Then my husband started to change. He started staying home more on the nights he didn't have to work at the bar. Then before I knew it he cut his hours back at the bar, then he left that job and started to go to church with me. Still our finances were in big trouble. After my husband gave his life back to the Lord we still had problems paying bills and we saw no relief up ahead. One night he started saying why did he bother giving up what he was doing just to see no change in our circumstances, I pleaded with him that God knows what we go through and that God will help us through. Well, the next day we received my husbands W2 form! A blessing? Well, maybe not but it would mean money that we don't have right now to pay these bills we are behind in. So my husband made an appointment for the next day. We went and sat with the man doing our taxes. Come to find out it would be more than enough to pay bills and very outstanding things on my husbands credit. Well, we decided to get the money as soon as we can because we needed to make 2 car payments before the car company came to take the car. The man said it will be 3-4 days. The next day my husband decided to try the number they gave us to check to see if the check was ready. Can you believe, not even 24 hours later and it was ready! We got caught up on our bills and paid the very outstanding things. For 4 years now we have been hoping for a home of our own. God has lead us to this point. We talked to a Realtor who we spoke with before we got married. She checked our credit and can you believe that it only shows are car payments being late only one time ! and that is over a year ago!! This is only by God, His hand is the only one that can do such things!! Well, we think we found a home we would like, it needs repair and cleaning, but we are trusting God, please pray that God leads us to where He wants us, we don't want to be selfish anymore.

Praise God for only putting us through what He knows we can handle! For being there with us through it all. It hasn't been a year since I started praying and asking God to move. When the Bible says you can move mountains with faith of a grain of mustard seed, it is true!! God moves mountains!! Thank You Jesus for loving us so much and giving Your life for us. Not so we can have worldly things but so we can be a witness that You are true and just, and that Your people lack of no good thing. Praise God!!