Thank you so much for your evening prayer list. It helps to remind me to speak with God regularly and make me feel a part of this Christian world. I want to tell you about a prayer that I've been praying for a very long time and an answer that surprised me altogether.

My family is very fragmented. There are alot of resentments and most of us are not speaking with each other, or we are only speaking on a limited basis. I've been praying for healing for my family and for the Lord to show each of us how to forgive the other so that we will no longer be blinded to the love I'm sure we each feel for the other. I had forgotten about a part of my family that we have not dealt with since I was a child and I am now 51 years old.

Yesterday my Aunt...who remember I have not seen or spoken with since I was about ten years old, found me on the Internet and called my house. I've spent the last two days speaking with her and with cousins I only barely remember. God has answered a portion of my prayer and remembered that there was a part of this family that needed healing that had been forgotten by everyone but him. Praise God...his love shows in every answer He gives.