Young lady healed of untreatable brain encephilities

My name is Amber,

I am 21 years old, and have a one year old baby girl named "Lakota".

I am alive now because of the Mercy and Love of the Lord Jesus. In July of this year, I was stricken with untreatable brain encephilities. I was hospitalized for 2 months, in a deep coma. After many tests and drugs, The doctors told my mom "Della" there was nothing they could do for me. They told her to expect the worst.

My body would shake uncontrollably, so violently I was brusing myself. The nurses had to tie my arms and legs to the bed for 2 months. I couldn't talk, or walk, or speak. I didn't know anyone. I still don't remember this period of my life, and this was all told to me by my family members. And they took photographs of me in the coma, and tied to the bed. My breathing almost stopped several times. My heart ratewas irratic. Out of this nightmare situtation, the Lord Jesus heard the Prayers of many who Prayed for me and saved my life and my soul! I thank you sooomuch! A prayer request for me was put on the internet, and prayers from around the world were said for me. I had many cards and letters sent to my hospital room, But I couldn't read them until recently.

Tears flow down my face as I think of all those who prayed for me and loved me. I cry alot now, not out of sorrow, but I love everyone, and I feel so much love for everyone. I was saved from this horrible sickness, by the Lord Jesus and was able to go home in late September.