Jesus heals brain tumor

Each Sunday in our church we pray for the sick. People come forward when the invitation is given for prayer. One morning recently one of our ladies, Debbie, came forward asking for prayer for her sister who had a brain tumour and was facing an operation the next Tuesday morning. The tumour had been diagnosed and clearly x-rayed showing how big and where it was exactly. As I began to pray, I was impressed to pray for Debbie. I prayed that God would give her strength and faith to face this trial with her sister. I also prayed that God would help her sister go through this difficult operation on Tuesday. Finally I prayed that God would heal her sister with this tumour. There was no outward manifestation of anykind.

Debbie called later that week with outstanding news. Just before the operation was to begin they x-rayed her sister's head again. All they could find was a small area where the dye was left where the tumour had been. The dye had been put in her systen to show the place and size of the tumour a month before. The tumour had vanished. We give praise to Jesus for another wonderful miracle and his healing power. Debbie's faith was released and Jesus met her and her sister in a special way. It makes it so much easier to pray for people when faith rises. The congregation is expecting something to happen now!

Pastor Murray