Came here from Brazil in 1976 at the age of 13 years old.

I then went to high school and got involved with the wrong crowd. I started doing the wrong things that they were doing to feel accepted.

I met a person that introduced me to marijuana, then it I went on to using cocaine and other type of drugs, I could see my life going down the drain.

I didn't have peace. I felt alone.

People were telling me about Jesus and how He loved me and died for me. I belived all that but I never gave my life to Jesus Christ and let him take over all my pain and hurt.

My life continued to get worst and worst to the point that I really started thinking of just giving it all up and giving my life to Christ. I thought to myself- If I do it I have nothing to lose.

I knew where a Christian Church was, so I got my skateboard and went to the church, as I walked in the Church I was treated with love.

I felt the LOVE in that place. I sat and heard the sermon that Sunday evening. It was a powerful message that the Pastor spoke on.

At the end of the service I was really touched and felt it was time for me to give God my life and I didn't want to play games any more, so I did just that.

I asked Jesus to come in to my life, and I asked Jesus to forgive me for all my sins that I had committed.

I left the church that Sunday evening and walked outside feeling clean, feeling as if a BIG rock had been lifted from my head. I went on to tell my other friends about my decision to follow Jesus Christ. Two months later, I had 2 of my friends do the same thing that I had done.

It's been 13 years since I gave my life to God and he has been faithful, now I have peace, joy and life for ever.