Thank you for the opportunity to share some wonderful news of a miracle that has been unfolding right before eyes and is still happening as I write.

My precious mother had a stroke August 1996 and she came to live with my husband and I, and as time progressed her physical condition and mental capacity diminished greatly to the point of Me having to put her in a nursing care facility in Jan.1999.

The 1st one she was at, was only for one month and during that time they managed to break her left shoulder, she was hospitalized 3 times in only one month.

She had 2 blood transfussions, and I was told she had alzheimers disease, was blind in her right eye, and eventually she was completely incontinent & had to wear diapers.

After she has been prayed for daily, by lots of people, God led me to a place nearby our hometown. It was a nursing facility and she was put there on Feb.22,1999 & my family was told by drs. that she wouldn't be alive 60 days.

Well thank you Jesus!!

My mother had a feeding tube because she could not swallow. Now we are waiting to bring her home. First she started eating and we brought her food that we knew she liked and she just started eating!

Thank you Jesus!

She is no longer blind in her right eye. She can see as well as me and you!

Thank you Jesus!

Physical therapy came in, because she kept saying she could walk. I tried to tell her she would walk again someday if not here in heaven with my dad. But no, she said she wanted to walk and bless Jesus.

I was there when they got her out of the bed and up her on her feet and with a walker walked 12 steps!

Thank you Jesus!! On her first try!!

I felt the spirit of God so strong in that room there is no way I know to describe it!!

It was like I was watching a child walk for the first time!!

Well she is still getting therapy everyday. She is scheduled to have her feeding tube removed from her abdomen on September 21,1999!!!

Thank you Jesus!

She eats what ever she wants and God gave me and my family our mother back.

For we live day by day by the Grace of God. We should never say never or give up, for together you stand - divided you fall.

This is true. My mother they say was just over medicated and that was the reason for such a quick recovery.

But you and I all know that our great Lord was to be given all the credit due.

With the help of prayers we will be able to bring mother home by Christmas so the true meaning of Christmas will be back and it won't be wrapped in colorful packages, but in everyones heart and soul and in the knowledge that we most cerainly witnessed a miracle.

Thank you to all who prayed for my mother and for myself.

May God Bless each & everyone of you.