I had been raised to believe that science and psychology were supreme. There, all our answers were to be found. And if they aren't there, look no further than yourself to find them. A real, "pull yourself up your boot-straps" heritage.

I majored in Biology and Philosophy in College. I studied world religions. If I pinned myself down as anything (other than an atheist), I would say I would be a Taoist. I studied the Tao (the Way) and found my mind satisfied with its senseless ramblings. Oh, to be sure, there are good proverbs in almost any religious and philosophic teaching. But there was no real answer for my inability to live it. No answer for sin.

As I read the gospels (a gift of a girlfriend was a New Testament) I understood that Jesus had come and died and rose again precisely for my (and man's) problem. For our sin. The only religion that had GOD reaching down to man, instead of MAN climbing and scratching up to God. I was amazed, shocked, and overwhelmed by that simple truth. I received Christ while reading Matthew, Luke, and John.

I daily renew my mind in His truth. I repeated fall upon and trust His grace and restore my mind to BELIEVE His control in human affairs and my affairs. That helps me have a spirit of service to others. And all that Philosophy stuff??? Well, I teach it now in college. No student takes my class without knowing that The only truth that matters is the one that can transform your life completely. We have great discussions after class.