My Lord and Savior has brought me through being a true Preacher's kid (very rebellious); alcoholism; being homeless; being promiscuous; being married to a very abusive husband; going through three custody suits; being re-married to a good man; going through 4 more court cases; many health problems including 5 surgeries; finding my birth mother and family; to being an upper middle class homeschool mom.

I realize that my problems are nothing compared to lots of other people's problems - especially those dealing with problems without my Lord to help them. My problems were mostly my fault - very bad choices even though I knew better.

He never left my side and has always shown His love for me.

To think of what He left to give me salvation and what I have done to Him....and then to think that He forgives me and remembers none it!!!!!

I truly stand in awe of Him every day. I am His humble servant always.