A Jewish man meets Jesus.

The words of Jesus Himself, His uncompromising posture, His upright justice, His modesty and His sacrificial love spoke into my heart as the irresistible hallmarks of the One and Only God of Israel.

I couldn't stop falling in love with Him.

Paul Smethurst, the Christian from high-school six years earlier. He had immigrated to London but happened to be in Johannesburg.

We met and he gently lead me to the Lord. He had been praying for me for those six years!!

But the next day Paul flew back to London and I still didn't know if I could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. That evening was a Friday night, the customary time for me to spend with God. At dusk I strolled toward the local Rosebank Union Church looking for a quiet place to sit down and pray. The sanctuary was dark and empty and I took a seat in the back pew. I became aware of music playing and I went to see who was there. Unknowingly, I had stumbled upon the Jews for Jesus Friday-night service. It was Passover time and there was a beautiful Christ in the Passover presentation. As a Jew, to be shown the links between Jesus and the Passover of the Old Testament not only had the tears streaming down my face, but left me with the solid confirmation that believing in Jesus was the most Jewish thing that I could ever do.

That was my first encounter with the ministry of Jews for Jesus. Almost 4 years have passed now. I went back to university and finished the degree that I dropped out of. Drugs and destitution are behind me. I have found the Bible to be the most amazing book ever written and the Lord has been faithful to keep me through thick and thin. He is the best friend I ever had, or ever will have.