The Great Physician heals a Desparate Doctor's wife

Dear Friends in Christ,

I greet you in the Loving name of Our Master Jesus Christ.

I live in India and I am a Medical Doctor. Now I gave-up my profession and came into the Lord Jesus Christ's full-time Ministry.

I was belonging to a Hindu family. But embraced Lord Jesus Christ, after a Miraculous experience of a remarkable and instantaneous healing manifestation of the Holy Ghost. The recipient of this Miracle is none but my beloved Wife. She was suffering from Ischemic Heart Disorder, Left Ventricle Blockade, Iron Deficiency Anaemia Coupled with Mal-absorption Syndrome & Water Retention in an accident she injured her back badly in the 11th Ligimental region. She was bed-ridden for 8 years, could not sit or stand in one posture for 10 minutes even. All surgical attempts and medical treatments in all Systems of Medicines have not cured her. All Hindu traditional Idol-worships and occult-practices could not cure her even. She was counting her days in Dispair with no-way to live, while suffering a lot.

Then happened a Miracle in our Lives! She was forcibly carried to a Christian Gospel meeting, where she was cured Instantaneously of all her- Diseases and disorders as The Lord God touched and healed her Miraculously. Halleluiah! Our God of impossibilities has touched her - Healed her against all Medical limitations. This happened on 11th December 1988.

Many of our Hindu elders subjected us to severe problems including Threats to our Lives. They even tried to burn us alive. But our God of Love, compassion and power made us to Escape our tormentors and kept us on a Good pedestal. In 1995, we were called to His ministry.

We Periodically conduct open Gospel meetings and pastors training programmes under 'Progressive Faith Ministries', also in order to bring revival in believers and the clergy too.

Kindly Pray for India and the salvation of many of our friends from Various religions in Rural and Tribal belts where many of our Evangelists and organisations doesn't go, as basically the evangelisation programmes in India is urban centered.