A Word from God comes to pass - sister healed of Cancer

Years ago I was working at a nursing home. And one day I saw one of my co-worker with her head down.

I approached her and asked her what was wrong; she replyed 'her sister has cancer and she's not eating, she has a feeding tube or doctor's where about to put one in her'.

I touched her hand and looked at her and said to her, 'Your sister will not have cancer anymore and she will eat again'.

She looked at me weird, I repeated it again to comfort her and share jesus with her and I left. A few days later she returned to me saying with joy and happiness that her sister no longer had cancer and she was eating again.

I thank God for touching her and her faimly when in time of need. I encouraged her to continue seeking God and gave her a hug and went on to work.

Praise God for everything He has done and still doing in my life.