Lady experencies hard times before comming to the light.

In 1979 I was runover by a legislator's wife,who was drunk.

I spent a long time in the Hospital. At first the Doctor's told my parents I may not live, I was in a coma and had severe internal injuries consisting of my right hip broken in 7 places, pelvic bone broken in 16 places, compartment syndrome in both legs which made it nessecary to have a fashiotomy done on both legs, I had to go on dialasys due to total renal failure due to traume. I spent 3 1/2 months in intensive care and was then moved to the orthopedic ward.

The Doctor's said I would never walk again and at one point wanted to amputate my left leg. My father would not consent and searched for specialists until he found 2 that consented to try to save it.

Today I walk fine. Praise God.

My father used to sit my bed in the intensive care unit and pray for hours, ignoring the grim prognosis of the Doctor's and believing that God would heal me.

I became extremely addicted to pain medication during the long stay in the hospital and having so many surgeries. When I got out instead of realizing how wonderful God was and how He had saved my life I felt sorry for myself and let the drugs take over my life. I went from being addicted to pain medication to doing all kinds of other drugs. Nothing anyone said or did made a difference in my life and I spent the next 18 years destroying my life and the lives of all of the people who loved me. I was in and out of jail, prison, drug treatment centers and hospitals.

I tried to commit suicide 3 times...each time I woke up in ICU with the Doctor's saying there was no medical explanation for why I was still alive. I realize now that God had much bigger plans for me! In 1978 I was in the County jail and someone gave me a book to read by Michael W. Smith called "It's Time to be Bold." That was the begining of a new life for me. On Febuary 5,1998 I gave my life to Christ. Thankfully, the Lord never gave up on me. I am very thankful to several people for giving me a chance to learn about who Jesus Christ is and helping me to start a new life. Never in a million years did I think I would ever have respect for anyone that had anyone to do with Law Enforcement. I always thought they were the bad guys.

Praise God that The Sheriff of County Jail is a Christian man who believes in having Bible Studies and also has a number of programs in his jail to help people change thier lives. He allows a 6 week Lifeskills program which helps inmates learn the skills to live in society the right way and follows up with helping them to find jobs and housing upon thier release, He also has a 6 week and a 6 month drug rehabilitation class for people that really want to change. He currently has a volunteer chaplain staff of 300 people and is trying to raise the number to reach his goal of having enough people so that each inmate can have a one on one Christian counselor and mentor.

I thank God that he put a Christian in charge of this jail and that I was in that jail because otherwise I may still be the way I was.

Since being release from jail I have married a wonderful Christian man who also gave his life to Christ and was delivered from an alcohol problem which had ruined his life for 20 years. We have opened our own business and are very involved in our church. Since being released from jail the Lord has continually opened the doors for us to share our testimonys!

The Sheriff has had me speak at a dinner with 300 guests, had me appear on a TV program which was filmed at Trinity Broadcasting Network and last week I spoke at a public forum.

The Sheriff is attempting to get the Christian Community involved in fighting crime and getting criminals and addicts to turn thier lives over to Christ. I am so thankful for the opportunities to give my testimony and give God the glory for changing my life. I am going to begin helping with the lifeskills class at the jail so that others can see firsthand that if they will only give their lives to God that they can change. God is so wonderful and I just want to give Him all of the praise and glory for the great changes He has made in the lives of my husband and I.

For anyone who may read this that is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and think there is no way out please know that through Christ you can overcome these addictions but you have to be willing to live your life for Him completely.

God does not want our selective honor and obedience He wants it all and when we give it to Him believe me when I say that you will not even believe the Changes that will take place in your life!!!

If anyone is in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things become new."

Much Love In Christ,