Don't hide your light under a bushel - An intellectual becomes truly informed.

I was raised a gifted child in a very worldly social stratum. I became entangled in the exaltation of worldly figures who were well-known for their intellect. One day, while in college--where I was on a fully-paid 4-year scholarship--I dropped out of school, took the Holy Bible and no change of clothes to live in an empty apartment that a friend happened to own. There, with only a radio, I lost about 40 pounds in size and read/studied the Bible. That event has been the highlight of my life because I was attempting to hide my light under a bushel to fit in with the intellectuals.

It turns out that other gifts abounded in me, and I have been blessed to be a blessing to numerous organizations and individuals. I attend all the types of churches I can, armed with the Word, to learn and share all I can.

Indeed, I have endured many persecutions, including having rebels ransack our Messianic Synagogue, having our churches burned to the ground, dealing with the deaths of my parents, and overcoming all obstacles and obtaining my university degree as a born-again Christian--on my own, without any scholarships.

The Hand of the Lord is Mighty and His Word, His Word, His Word, is testimony that Jesus Christ is the Truth.

I Praise You, Lord Jesus.