Praise_Jesus: I suffered with an uncurable disease called Systemic Lupus, I was on steroids for six years and in pain all most all the time. One day my very dear friend had come over and brought some christian teaching tapes with her. While we were listening to the tapes God told her to lay her hands on me and pray for me...she did...while she was praying my body started shaking and I felt hot and tingly all over. I then started to laugh and so did my friend. After about an hour or so our prayers came to a close and she told me that the Lord had healed me of my Lupus. My church wanted confirmation so I went to my doctor, who is also a very good christian, and told him what had happened and he told me he knew just by looking at me that I was healed, but he did the tests anyway. He called me a few days later and told me the tests were negative and the Lupus was indeed gone. Praise God for the miracles He has and will perform. The Lord touched me in a very special way that day and I don't ever want to turn my back on my Heavenly Father. I want to praise and worship Him for the rest of my life and share His Word with everyone that I can. Thousands of people die from Lupus every year, but I'm one of the lucky ones, because on that hot Aug. afternoon He gave me a miracle I will never forget or want to forget.