GOD saves couple - restores marriage delivers from drugs and alcohol


Eleven years ago we were losing our home, our marriage and our children were so sad that no one would ever see them smile. We needed Jesus in our life but did not know how until we went to church after a dear sister kept on pestering us to go. My husband sat on one side and I on the other. We were both so mad.

God showed us that night His power and just how much He loved us. He gave the pastor a message on love.

We recived Jesus that night, delivered from drugs and alcohol and today we walk with Him daily. Our marriage is truly one made in heaven as we love each other more than the day we got married and our children are saved happy and secure.

We have been blessed since then with 3 adopted children and desire to raise them according to Gods Holy Word and help them to walk with Him.

Without God in our marriage we truly would not be here today.

We give Him all the honor and glory. PRAISE THE LORD