Young man learns to walk the walk - sees sister and several others healed


First off, I got saved when I was twelve and when I came off of that first initial "high" I didn't walk the walk.

However at the age of 18 I had a problem with a broken heart. I then looked to the Lord for relief and soon found it. I started attending an Assembly of God church in late October of 98. I seen God move in mighty and miraculous ways. He healed my sister of a heart problem and dyslexia. I saw a young boy healed of asthma, and just recently I saw someone who couldn't walk in get up and Walk OUT.

Through these things I have learned alot about God. He is the Great Physician, He gives comfort to the broken hearted and he can free you from any hinderance you might have.

Not by might nor by strength but by my Spirit.
Praise God!!! Jay