"Just tell others what I did for you."


I was raised in the bible, reading and memorizing it, but I wasn't saved. I was taught very well how to act like a Christian, and I did act like one until I got tired of acting.

I got in trouble with the law several times between the ages of 13 and 19. Each time I got out of it. This continued until I was 20 years old; I got arrested one more time and was headed for the big house. When I was taken from the holding center to the court I had no money and no lawyer. My parents were out of town. When the judge asked about a lawyer, I had to tell him I had none. Just then someone from the back said, "I'm his councel, your honor." It was a lawyer who had defended me one other time.

I had to tell the lawyer that I could't pay him, but he said, "just tell others what I did for you." That young lawyer defended me, and I got off with probation. On the way out of the court I told the lawyer that I couldn't pay him, and again he said, "Just tell others what I did for you."

About a year later I had a dream about this lawyer. I was on the street and did all I could to avoid facing him. I ducked into a store, and when I stepped out I was face to face with the lawyer. All I could say was, "I can't pay you." Once again he said, "I told you, just tell others what I did for you." When I looked up at him, it was Jesus Christ (or what we have all been taught looks like Jesus Christ). That night I surrendered my live to Him and have been serving Him ever since.

Just two weeks after surrendering my life to Him, I was asked to work at the City Mission where I had the chance to see where I could have ended up if it were not for surrendering my life to Him. I have been serving Him ever since and will continue to serve Him.