You Are Near By: Thom Daniels

I felt your presence and knew that You were near
You answered my prayers and You led the way
You opened my deaf ears so that I could hear
And I listened closely to what you had to say

You shined your light upon me Lord and You opened up my eyes
You filled me with your Holy Spirit and gave me strength to stand
You smiled upon this sinful man and your Glory filled the skies
You gave me words to proclaim your Truth throughout this sinful land

I lift my voice to praise You. Lord, I sing my songs to You
I kneel down in prayer to You; I call upon your name
I feel your presence here with me and I know that You are true
I receive the grace of your mercy and praise You, without shame

Dear Lord, my God, Father of us all, I pray that You will see
And look upon this creation of yours and bless us with your grace
I pray, Oh Lord, Almighty God, that I see your path for me
That leads me through this sinful life and leads me to your place

Lord, You are above all things, Holy and Devine
Lord, I pray for a piece of your glory, to touch the ground you trod
Lord, You are my King of kings, may I drink your wine
Lord, I pray in faith to You, and I thank You, God

I thank You for the sweet, sweet sound, the music in the wind
I thank You for the breath I breathe and the life You gave for man
I thank You, Lord, for blessings that You always send
And I thank you for the confidence, telling me that I can.