Words of Praise By: Thom Daniels

Oh Heavenly Father, Your Mercy and Grace,
Shines ever so brightly, upon this sinful race
The Spirit of God fills hearts with His power
I praise you my Lord I praise you this hour

What words could I write, what songs could I sing
What phrases could express, the Joy that you bring.
How loud could I shout, how low could I bow
How much could I praise You, for being here now

My Lord, I am not worthy, of the Love given me
My words are inadequate, for Your eyes to see
My songs, but mere noise, for Your ears to hear
My shouts of praise are silence, yet You are near

Your Spirit lives inside me and refreshes my heart
Your Love flows through me, through every part
Your Wisdom instructs me, guiding my way
Oh Lord, I praise You, I praise you each day

You sent me a Savior, You sent me a King
You sent a Redeemer, Lord, hear me sing
You raise Him from death and erased my sin
I sing praise to you Lord, again and again

You are Holy, my Lord; Your Love is so true
I shout out my praise, oh God, I shout out to You
I bow down in prayer, humble and meek
For the glory of Christ, I shall endlessly seek

Your teachings are righteous; Your Word is my food
Your Spirit uplifts me and my soul is renewed
Your Love is enduring and I praise You, my King
For You read my words and hear the words that I sing

Though my attempts to praise You, are meager at best
Through Your loving grace, my words pass the test
Thus, I praise you my Lord, praise you each day
Find my words worthy, to please You, I pray