I am so blessed to have been given this poem from the Lord. It came to me at a time in my life when I hurt so much I could barely make myself eat or even move. It is my sincere prayer that you will use this faithfully to bless those the enemy would try to slay. Use it wisely, my dearest friend, in the Lord, for it was a gift of the Almighty God to a man so badly beaten I almost did not want to live.

On this earth I've had no father
There was no time, no one to bother
No one to love, no one to care
No one with whom a day to share!
No support, nor any guidance
Only me, and self reliance
What a mess of life I've made
Just as well to see the grave!
Then words I heard, love to share
There is someone whom will care
He gave his son so I could live
What a gift he chose to give!
So on this day, to this Father
To one whom has the time to bother
I lift my hands in praise, it's true
"Hey there Dad, I love you!"

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus precious Name
And for His Glory