To Man By: Thom Daniels

To Man, The Truth is right before you, man!
Open your eyes and see!
Trust the Spirit of God in your heart
Through Christ you are set free!
And in His image you are made
Through Faith you are called to be
The sons of God, your Father
By His Grace for eternity!

Listen to the Voice of God
Have ye ears to hear!
The call of the Most Holy One
The Voice that is Most Clear
Trust the Sound that sings to you
The Kingdom of Heaven is near
Hear the Wisdom in His Word
Take comfort, do not fear.

Speak the Word of God to man!
Let Him guide your tongue to say
Whatsoever He desires
For His is the only Way
Preach the Truth of Christ your King
Joyfully, day by day
Let not the world lure you in
His strength to you, I pray

Open up your stone cold heart,
And let His Light shine through
Receive the Gift of Jesus Christ
Through Him, youíre born anew
The old self gone, the new man, spirit
You are led down a path thatís true
Through Christ alone, you have life
He bled and died for you!

Yes, He died a painful death for you,
Upon a cross of wood
Beaten, mocked and scorned by you
If only you understood
The price He paid that set you free
Would you pay it if you could?
Through Faith Christ overcame the grave
Resurrected, there He stood