From a Son who now has a Father!
Written for Father's day for publication
in a Christian Newspaper while in Florida.


I came upon a vase, upon it was my name
The vase, before, had fallen, and would never be the same
In many, many pieces, the vase before had been
Each and every one, a broken wicked sin!
And then a man named Jesus, came upon the vase
And when he saw the pieces, a smile lit up his face
One by one he took them, and made them almost new
And what held them together was not a man made glue
What held them all together, was Jesus and his light
Shining through the cracks, into the darkest night
Within the vase, he placed a piece, the one that was my heart
And said to me, with all his Love, I never shall depart!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Name
And For His Glory