The Walls Fell Down By: Thom Daniels

The walls of Jericho surrounded my heart,
And Satan dwelt inside.
The army of the Lord was silent
And I was full of pride.
They circled my fortress every day
And I had nowhere to hide.
I had defenses built up strong,
To thwart everything they tried.
But my walls were built from pride and sin
And to me, Satan had lied.
He could not stand against a force so strong,
Like the crashing waves of the ocean tide.
And then the trumpets blared
The voice of the Lord then cried.
Then the walls came crashing down
And Satanís hands were tied.
The army of the Lord stormed my town
Lo, in my heart He shall forever abide.

I was born again, Spirit filled
Christ Jesus is my King.
I raise my voice to praise His name
Halleluiah, halleluiah shall I sing.
The Lord of Lords, my strength, my song
Oh the joy that He does bring.
King of Kings, Jesus Christ
To His hand, shall I faithfully cling.
Oh praise His name, Holy Lord God
For His spirit has taken wing.