The Light (a second version) By: Thom Daniels

I was walking in a tunnel of darkness when I saw a light at the other end
I was blinded and scared, not realizing that it was my eternal friend
Closer came the light and brighter it shined, it enveloped me in its glow
Then a voice broke the silence and said unto me, “ Fear not, I will help you grow.”
All of a sudden I could see my host, He was perfect in every way
And His voice kept speaking and I listened closely to every word that He did say
He said, “ The devil will tempt, he will promise the world, though all he wants his your soul.

But you are saved and you shall live if you would give me control.”
I felt full of joy, on top of the world as His goodness filled my heart
I was warmed by His awesome, brilliant glow and I knew that I had a new start
I was born again now a child of God, my sins forgiven by my friend
He said unto me, “ Come and walk with Me, I am with you for time without end.”
SO I followed my friend, His light led the way as I exited that dreary cave
I marveled in wonder at His abundant love, it was my soul that He did save
We continued on, I follow where He leads and His path is straight and true
He guides me through the darkness, His glory lights the way
He can do the same for you……

So, if you find yourself walking in a tunnel of darkness with no light to guide your way
Just ask Him to join and be your guide, He will never lead you astray
For He is love and He is strength, His goodness is free for all
He was sent into the tunnel to lead us out, all you have to do is call.