The Light By: Thom Daniels

I was stumbling through a tunnel of darkness
When I saw a shining Light at the other end
I was blind and scared, I didnít recognize
That it was my eternal friend
How I cowered in fear and no, I could not hear
Until a voice, carried on the wind
It rang out in the darkness and called unto me
Receive this gift that I shall send

Iíll give you faith; Iíll give you grace, and give you strength to stand
Iíll fill your heart with My burning glow
Iíll give you love; Iíll give hope, and courage to face your fear
Living water so that you will grow

Well I opened up my heart and He came into me
All the darkness, yes, it went away
I was walking through that tunnel, oh, but I could see
All around me, it was bright as day
I followed His voice, yeah, he was my guide
He was with me, yeah, come what may
He is my Savior, Heís my Lord, and yes He died for me
He paid the price that I could not pay

He gave me faith; He gave me grace, and gave me strength to stand
A heart filled with His burning glow
He gave me love; He gave me hope, and courage to face my fear
Living water so that I could grow

He led me from the tunnel and He guides me still
Heís walking with me side by side
He teaches and He preaches and He shines His light
Leading me stride after stride
He loves me and forgives me and He gives me hope
Donít you know thatís why He died?
To save this sinful race thatís called mankind
Through Him, you know weíre purified

He gives me faith; He gives me grace, and gives me strength to stand
He fills my heart with His burning glow
He gives me love; He gives me hope, and courage to face my fear
Living water so that I still grow