The Body By: Thom Daniels

Lord, I open myself up to You
Lord, May your Light clear the foggy gray
Lord, let my eyes be not blinded
To the path of your righteous Way
Lord let my ears be not deaf
I ask you, Lord, I pray
That clearly, Lord, I shall hear
What your Voice will say
Let my feet not stumble, Lord
From your Path and led astray
Let my mind not wander, Lord
From You, my shining ray
Let my hands labor for You
Lord, keep idleness at bay
Let my heart rejoice, dear God
For your Glory, Lord, come what may
Let my voice sing out to You
Lord, praise songs, let me play
And my soul is forever yours, dear Lord
My stains, You wash away
Lord, let my belly be fully fed
By the Bread you send today
Let my shoulders, Lord, bear the load
Lord, let me not feel dismay
Oh, Holy God, I cry out to You
Lord hear this body as I pray
Let me work in unison, dear Lord
But each in itís own way
And Lord, the dragon of sin
Through You, I bravely slay.

In Christ name,