Thank You By: Thom Daniels

Thank you Heavenly Father for all that you have made
Thank you for the sunshine, Lord, thank you for the shade
Thank you for your mercy and love, thank you for your Son
Thank you for your faithfulness, You are the only One
Thank you for the pouring rain, thank you for the wind
Thank you for all the blessings, that You so lovingly send
Thank you for my children, God, thank you for my loving wife
Thank you for the Holy Spirit, thank you for my life
Thank you for the wonderful things that make our senses reel
Thank you for emotion, Lord, that enables us to feel
Thank you for the food we eat, thank you for our drink
Thank you for our developed minds which enable us to think
Thank you for your church, Lord, thank you for your Word
Thank you for my eyes oh Lord, to see things that are not blurred
Thank you for my ears that I may hear your angels sing
Thank you Lord for creation, for You made everything
Thank you for the gift of wisdom, thank you for being there
Thank you Lord for listening and answering every prayer
Thank you dearly, Holy God, for all the things you do
And thank you Lord, above all else, for simply being You.