Redemption By: Thom Daniels

I look back at my life and I see the things, all the wickedness I have done
I have cheated and lied, I have stolen things, and I was cruel, seemingly just for fun
My sins so numerous I cannot count, my heart was as black as coal
Iíve lusted for women and riches galore, I cared not for my soul
I denied the truth, I was filled with hate I wanted no part of His plan
I lived my life by my own rules I was the typical man
Then came a time not too long ago when I had nowhere to turn
I felt dead inside, cursed by the fates and I knew that my soul would burn
I swallowed my pride I humbled my heart. I accepted what I once denied
He entered my heart and filled me with light and such joy I broke down and cried
He showed the way and a love so true, the very Spirit of God did he give
Now my sins are forgotten and my heart born again, I know that through Him I shall live
We journey together, He is my guide and his wisdom leads me through each day
For through Christ we all shall live and on this journey He leads the way.