by: David Gibides

Lord, Listen as I speak, for you are my counsel,
my sounding board. You alone take my thoughts,
my fears, and my desires and gently sift them,
expelling the wicked and harvesting the good.
You squelch the wickedness within my soul
with pools of clear, cool water. Those that will,
should take heed and lift you up with songs
of praise and adoration, turning their voices into
a multitude of trumpets that resound and
bring their brothers and sisters together to exalt
Your Holy name.
Lord take the sounds that I utter and make them words
that please You. Teach me the ways of holiness,
not worldliness--godliness, not loneliness. Protect me,
my Lord, by the hour, that the wicked may cringe
when they pass, for they see Your presence protruding
from me. Thy rod is with me always. Make my enemies bow down in
shame, lest they be trampled by Your Holy word.