The battle drums are sounding, I'm being called to war
Within my hands I have the word, and I will run no more
I see my army marching, thousands on the way
Each and every one, armed with prayers to pray!
The drummers beating harder, the trumpets sounding loud
And overhead is Jesus, falling from a cloud
My body shakes and shudders, at next the sight I see
There are a million angels, marching now with me!
Several thousand warriors, angels shore to shore
The ground is heaving, shaking, as we move to war
The battle charge is sounded, from Jesus' glowing face
And not one demon dares to stand upon this Holy Place!
The cannon shells are falling, prayers now fill the air
And I am moved to tears, by all of those who care
And now the battle dies, there's peace upon my land
As Jesus reaches out, and gently shakes my hand!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory