Standing on the shore, of the Mercy sea
Waves of living water, flowing over me
I fall down to my knees, and lift up Holy Hands
For God is moving mightily, through my desert sands!
By crystal shining water, arid bones are splashed
Pain, remorse and all anger, now are being smashed
The waves will not relent, rushing to the shore
And I am overwhelmed by mercy ten times more!
And now my heart is weeping, primed by mercy sea
There is an awesome power, moving now through me
And from my knees I fall, prone, onto my face
As I look up and realize, My Lord is in this place!
I'm weeping like a baby, as he gently takes my hand
And pulls my now washed body, up from cool sweet sand
And then I understand all that I must do
I must take this mercy, and pass it on to you!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory
Mercy To All