Love Is… By: Thom Daniels

Love is the Word on which goodness is based
Love is the feeling of a challenge successfully faced
Love is the Power that puts man on the earth
Love is the reason for which we give birth
Love is Salvation, redemption from sin
Love is the knowledge that you will surely win
Love is that person sharing your life
Love is your husband. Love is your wife
Love is the children, fruit of your loins
Love is the union that God’s power joins
Love is the kindness shown to mankind
Love is giving to the poor and the blind
Love is the lesson taught to the lost
Love is charity, no matter the cost
Love is the command, passed down through time
Love is the subject, of this simple rhyme
Love is the body of our Holy King
Love is the song that I wish to sing
Love is fellowship and Love is the Light
Love is what gets us through the darkest night
Love is the path to Eternal Bliss
Love is the warmth of God’s Holy kiss
Love is all of these things, and Love is much more
Love is the Hope of the Glory in store
Yes, so many ways to describe this Word called Love,
But the best that I’ve found, Love is our Father,
Lord God above………..Amen.