Jesus came to church, dressed in rags today
It was a year ago, that he had passed this way
A year ago they shunned him, sat him in the back
And sitting there, he'd wept, at Satan's cruel attack!
The millionaire had danced, as he sang a song
But in his broken heart, he knew something was wrong
From the corner of his eye, hidden in the rear
He saw a poor, poor man, letting out a tear!
The millionaire was wounded, and soon made a decision
Within his heart he felt the pull, of a Godly vision
He looked again, to the rear, the poor, poor man had vanished
But in his heart, he now knew, the poor shall not be banished!
As Jesus came into the church, dressed in rags today
No one said within their heart, "You must go away"
By his hand they took him, and led him up the aisle
The millionaire jumped up, glowing with a smile!
I thought that I had lost you, for you have changed my life
Here, please meet my daughter, and this, this is my wife
Do you have a place to sleep, have you food to eat?
Won't you sit here with us, may we wash your feet?
This church now had a vision, reaching one and all
And yes, even the poorest, would surely hear the call
And as they entered service, and praise and worship grew
They looked into each others eyes, and both of them, they knew!
And suddenly the joy and love brought them to their feet
Hand in hand they danced, the vision now complete
And as they turned toward the back, weeping with a smile
They saw the poor, and those whom loved them, dancing in the aisles!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For HIS Glory