In Your Mind by Thom Daniels

Close your eyes and picture our Lord, Jesus Christ, our King
In your mind, can you see Him, what image does it bring?
Do you see Him as all the classic paintings portray
Handsome, clean and gleaming white in all of His array?
Bright blue eyes and flowing brown hair, no blemish on His skin
Light complexion, neat trimmed beard, an envy unto men?
Do you see Him on the cross, from bone His flesh is torn
And on His head, He wears the shame, a crown made of thorn?
His body bare, His arms spread wide, nailed to that old tree
How do you see our Savior who died to set us free?
Read these words and understand just how this man appeared
Forget the handsome picture complete with flowing beard

He grew up like a tender shoot, a root from parched ground
There was no stately form, no majesty did abound
That we should look upon Him, attracted by His sight
Despised and foresaken of men, seen as but a blight
A man of sorrows, one from whom, men will hide their face
Yet He was the sacrifice to save this sinful race
No stranger to grief, He was held in such low esteem
No picture perfect, handsome man, His robes did not gleam
Yet He bore all our grief, our sorrows He did carry
To prepare His bridesmaid that He will someday marry.
taken from (Isaiah Ch. 53 NAS)

So now that you have read these words, close your eyes again
Picture in your mind, the One who took away your sin
How do you see our Lord now, is the picture the same,
Of the man despised by all who carried all our shame?