If… By: Thom Daniels

If the oceans were clear of turmoil and the earth was full of kindness,
Then mankind would prosper and poverty and disease would disappear.
If you put your trust in God, you will discover that the Love that He gives us is good
And the righteous will live in peace forever.

If you would listen to the Spirit within you, and heed the words that He says,
Then joy and happiness will befall you and evilness will have no hold
If you put your faith in Jesus you will find that He guides you every moment
And you will have life eternal with Him

If you Study His teaching and Wisdom and pray dutifully each day
Then you will receive what you ask for and Heaven will open for you
If you live to spread the Good News you will find that all that you give will return
And great things will occur in your life

If you accept Christ as your Savior, and feel His goodness inside
Then you will become born anew, and all past deeds pass away
If you ask Him to forgive your transgressions and love Him with all your heart
You will be counted worthy on the day God judges all.