HOLY ONE By: Thom Daniels

Iíve walked in the darkest valleys and Iíve knelt before Your Throne
I heard you when You called me, You said that I am Your own
I arose when You told me,Ē Stand before your LORD!Ē
I tremble in Your presence. Youíve shone me my reward
Youíve paid the price that I could not, You are the only Way
You give me strength to stay the course and hear me when I pray
I thank You, GOD for your grace and the wisdom that You teach
You let me know that Your hand , is always within reach
And for all the many blessings that You give, simply out of Love
You are THE HOLY ONE , our LORD GOD, high above
Iíve felt Your Holy Spirit, it filled me through and through
The Message is clear and now I know, what You want me to do
Please keep my feet upon this Path, to the left nor to the right
And may Your Holy Spirit fill me with all itís Light
Your will be done and not our own ,but if it be Your plan
Please let me be a light unto each and every man
In Christ name, Amen