Heroes of Old By: Thom Daniels

My spirit refreshed, my faith growing strong
As I read His Word, as I hear His song
As I study the Truth and read of heroes of old
He strengthens my soul and my heart grows bold
In the Scripture I read of a faithful and true Lord
How He led His people, how they wielded His sword
Of His covenant with Israel through the good times and bad
How they followed His Laws, how they made Him so mad
About Moses and Aaron, from Egypt they fled
Through wilderness they wandered, His people they led
Of the giving of the Law and His promise to them
Made to Jacob and Isaac, but first to Abraham
I read how they failed Him, time and again
How He punished them harshly, yet forgave their sin
He led them and fed them, forty years did they roam
Until the next generation crossed Jordan to their new home
They crossed the river, the waters held back
And prepared to take Jericho, God led the attack
The kings of the land all fell to His might
His awesome power even held back the night
His hand held the sun to lengthen the light
For His army to pursue their enemies in flight
He sent down a hailstorm to slaughter his foes
And sent many plagues to increase their woes
He delivered His chosen to their promised lands
He delivered His enemies into their hands
He stayed true to His vow, the promise He made
Yet His people rebelled and did things He forbade
They bowed down to idols made of wood and of stone
Through sinful pride, they thought they could do it alone
They turned away from the source of their gain
Despite repeated warnings of suffering and pain
Yet He remained true, they were His chosen ones yet
He sent them reminders, lest they forget
He spoke through His prophets, the message was clear
He scattered their tribes for they showed no fear
They forgot His deliverance from bondage years past
They ignored His Law that was meant to last
They lost what He gave them for they turned away
From the Truth of Lord, true to this day
They forgot about Moses and Joshua, and the miracles performed
Nor did they remember, how Godís armies swarmed
They cared not what the Lord had long ago foretold
When He passed down His message to the heroes of old
Many years have passed since the time of which I speak
Yet the will of mankind is still just as weak
Few remember the Lord, nor fear His might
Few know His love and few do what is right
Few even care that He sent His beloved Son
That through faith in Him, the battle is won
Few have the knowledge He passed down through time
And few see the Spirit inspiring this rhyme
Few remember the deeds of the heroes of old
Few of us today, cannot be sold
Few remember the deeds that God worked through them
Few even care to give glory to Him.
I pray for the strength and faith of those men
That battled for God, He made them win
They are inspiring, their deeds and their love
Their faithfulness to our Lord above
Yes, through God, they remain, in stories retold
Their faith in God made them Heroes of Old.