Hearts of Glass By: Thom Daniels

The Holy Spirit of the LORD is a light that shines so bright
Like the sun as it breaks through the darkness of the night
He shines upon the hearts of man, a gift we get for free
He illuminates the path we walk and enables us to see
The brilliant glow of our Lord shines upon our hearts of glass
Yet some hearts are opaque and the light it will not pass
Some hearts are like a windowpane, with only a slight glare
To mark the passage of the light, to show that it was there
And some are like mirrored glass that reflects all the light
Bright upon the surface, but inside its dark as night
Some hearts are like a prism that when light shines through
Is separated into many colors, each lovely yet not true
And some hearts create a focused beam through it the light passes
Yes, some hearts can light fires like magnifying glasses
The Holy Spirit shines through our hearts and gives us gifts of power
So focus this light out to the world like a beacon on a tower
Let this light pass through your heart with all intensity
Light the world with righteous fire for all mankind to see