Haikus of Praise By: Thom Daniels

Heavenly Father, Holy and Devine
Praise to You, Lord on High

You are the Master of all things made
Your Power is awesome and true

Let us follow the path You set down
Let us lead those you have prepared

Let us spread your Word through out the Earth
Let your Truth touch hearts of men

May we give praise to your Holy Name
May we worship You without end

May we stand before You at your Throne
May we be judged free from our sin

May we honor you, Lord, in our lives
May we bring glory to your Name

Oh Creator of the universe
And all things under Heavens realm

May we give thanks for all that You give
And thanks for all the things You do

Thanks for the sacrifice of your Son
And the eternal Life He brings

He rose to life after three days sleep
The Holy Ghost came in His wake

Oh thank You Lord, for your shining Grace
Lord, thank You for your Mercy and Love

Thank you Lord, You filled my empty heart
You made a sinful man a saint

Lord, I pray, let me follow Your lead
May my path be straight and narrow