God's Grace

As I watch the beautiful sunrise
As I smell the morning breeze
I remember your loving kindness
Your grace leads me to my knees

And as I bow my head in prayer
Thanking you for all you've done
For the cross you bore for me
And the vic'tries you have won

Many times I am reminded
Of your love for me my Lord
You have fought and won the battle
Yet I was granted the reward

Through the blood my sins forgiven
Through the cross my pains relieved
Eternal life awaits in heaven
All I need is to believe

As I watch the glorious sun set
Cuddled by the ocean's tide
I can see My Lord in heaven
And with his arms open wide

As I stand before his presence
His fingers wipe away my tears
"Well done", "Welcome" and then he utters
"I have heard your every prayer"

"As you watched the beautiful sunrise
As you smelled the morning breeze
I have stayed and prayed beside you
You have brought me to my knees"

"Praying to my heavenly Father
To let all your cares be mine
And when the sun has set in the nighttime
Let all my inheritance be thine"