Delivered from Evil By: Thom Daniels

I was surrounded by evil today; I stood on Satanís ground
I looked for righteousness everywhere but decadence was all I found
Everyone took evil pride in his or her lustful sin
I found myself outnumbered but I turned to You again

You delivered me from evil, You carried me to shore
You are mighty and righteous, Lord. Holy forever more
You lifted me above the decay; You saved me from their fate
You gave your life upon the cross and taught us not to hate

I closed my eyes to what I saw, my hears heard not a word
I ignored the awful wretchedness that seemed to me, absurd
You guided my way and led me home, to all those that I love
Oh God, I praise and give thanks to You, Our Father in Heaven Above

I prayed for those lost souls, I prayed they would change their evil ways
I prayed that they would live to see, and worship you, Ancient of Days
I prayed that they would heed your words, and hear You when You call
Oh Lord I ask You, In Christís name, save them from their fall

Lord, they are blinded by this world and Satan has them in his snares
I pray, oh Lord, let them hear, when your righteous trumpet blares
Lord, save them from his trap, Lord let them know your grace
Lord, I pray, have mercy on them and let them see your Face

I praise You, Lord for all things you do, I praise your very name
Lord, I ask that You shine your Light, on each man and woman the same
Let them know You as I do, Let them feel your awesome power
Lord, let them be Spirit filled and praise You this very hour

Lord, I am but a sinner, filthy and unclean, contaminated by my sin
Lord I come to You in prayer, for forgiveness, once again
I am weak, I am full of sin, Lord, wash me clean and pure
Lord, strengthen my weakened faith, Lord let me be sure

I shall follow where You lead, Lord, you are my faithful King
Lord, I lift my voice to You, and praises shall I sing
Lord, I turn my face to You, please Lord look on me
And Lord, I pray, that when I sleep, your face I will see