Born Again By: Thom Daniels

Hands were laid upon him and the Spirit filled his heart
He fell to the floor, basking in the glow, born again with a new start
They prayed over him, God made His presence known
He arose a brand new man, now ready to harvest the seed that had been sown
Anointed with the Holy oil the gift of tongues he received
Awakened from his fitful sleep he only thought that he believed
He walks now with the Lord, his true and faithful bride
He walks now on Holy ground with Christ Jesus by his side
His spirit is now fulfilled his heart is full of Love
His soul now overflowing with grace from God above
He sees all things with fresh new eyes, he hears with brand new ears
He spreads Good News far and wide and God has calmed his fears
All of his doubt has disappeared the storm now a gentle breeze
The crashing waves within his soul have now become calm seas
The Lord has shined upon this man baptized with His blood
The rivers of endless torment have become a righteous flood
His walk with Christ is his joy for he knows the truth at last
No longer condemned for his sins, God has erased his past…………