Behold, my name is Jesus, I gave my life for you
I'm standing at your door, with words forever true
There is a place called Heaven, in which you can reside
A place of peace and mercy, and I'll be by your side!

Behold, my name is Jesus, to earth I shall return
And on that day, for all who mocked, the time shall come to burn
For all of those whom cheat and steal, my words they do ignore
Yes, they'll look up and plead with tears, "We want our lives no more!"

Behold, my name is Jesus, there's love here in my hand
There is a better life, to live within this land
Your sin is like a cancer, eating at your heart
And though you cannot see it, it rips your life apart!

Behold, my name is Jesus, and mercy fills my being
I know what brought you to your knees, I know what you are fleeing
I'm standing here with open arms, I'll heal your every wound
And when I return to this, my earth, you shall not be doomed!

Behold, my name is Jesus, walk with me awhile
And I will take your broken heart, and teach it how to smile
How much do we, in Heaven care, you called, the devil pouted
And up here where I now reside, a gazillion angels shouted!

A gazillion is too many to count! :o)
Welcome Home My Child
Your Room Is Waiting

© Jay L. Zumbrum