A Vision… By: Thom Daniels

As I close my eyes and open my ears and listen to my God speak
I meditate upon His words; He shares the wisdom which I seek
He gives me words to put to rhyme; He gives me songs to sing
He fills my heart with so much joy, He can do everything
He gives me Bread and Living Water; He burns my heart with Fire
He gives to me what I must have and He knows my heart’s desire
He leads me onward, day by day; He teaches me what I need
And shows me visions of times past, I saw our Savior bleed
He took to me that fateful day, when Christ took on our sin
And He showed two other crosses, on which hung condemned men
He told me to look, listen and learn, “Pay attention to what I show,
Observe these men on either side, hear this truth and grow”
The man that hung on His left was filled with hate and pride
He mocked our Lord, along with the crowd, ‘twas Truth that he denied
And his curse followed him into the grave as he slowly died
And lo the man upon His right, looked to our Lord and cried
Please remember me, oh mighty Lord, when you come into Your own
Remember me, oh mighty Lord, when You sit upon Your Throne
And our Lord, ever so kind, turned and looked that man in the eyes
“Verily I say to you, this day, you will be with Me in Paradise ”
I heard these words and hung my head, my eyes cried many tears
And I thanked my Lord for all the times He had saved me all those years
And then His voice spoke again, He asked what I learned
He asked me if I saw the truth, of how that man was turned
That through faith in Jesus Christ, in Paradise we’ll dwell
But to deny, to mock and spurn, one does not fare so well
On which side of our Lord are you, to the left or to the right?
Are you in the darkness of sin or are you in the light?
Do you mock our Redeemer, do you deny His reign
Do you accept His loving grace, the reason He was slain
He paid the ransom for our sin; he became sin for all mankind
Do you yet, deny the truth, are you yet so blind?