A Cry From the Deep By: Thom Daniels

I am in treacherous waters; I am in over my head
Alone I swim, without faith, I shall wind up dead
I turn to You my Lord, carry me safely to shore
I cry out for You, Jesus, ease this heavy chore
My faith is weak, forgive me Lord and strengthen me with your Love
Assure my sinful disbelief and anoint me from above
My heart is full of lustful thoughts, and pleasures of this world
Light within me Your righteous flame, let Your banner be unfurled
Lord take control and lead the way, give Wisdom to this man
Oh, Lord, I pray that You reveal, my part in Your Holy plan
I have tried to fight all alone and I lose each battle I fight
I turn to you, Lord Jesus Christ; comfort me with your might
I pray, my King, that in my heart, Your Word, it shall take root
I ask you Lord for your Love, that I may bear good fruit
I am yet a sinful man; I am full of doubt and shame
And pride has blinded my eyes, to the glory of Your Name
I ask that You speak through me, that I may preach to all
And Lord, deafen not my ears, Lord, let me hear your call
I beg you Lord, place Your hand upon my sinful heart
Through Your blood, wash me clean, that this evil shall depart
Oh Lord, I know You hear my call, my soul cries out for You
Faithfully You shall heal me Lord, for You are the One so true
Oh Lord I fear not the deep, as I swim back towards the beach
For You are but a call away, I am always within your reach
You lift me up and heal my soul, my heart has renewed
My sin is but a distant wisp of smoke no longer to be viewed
My thoughts are set upon Your Glory; Your name is on my lips
For you carry me safely to shore, I need not a thousand ships
Dear Lord, I praise Your Holy name, I praise Your awesome Power
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, my bright and shining Tower