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Renewal Journal#9 The New Song, C. Peter Wagner - Reports From Around The World, Musilm Village Converts To Christianity After Child Raised From The Dead

Renewal Journal#9 God's Visitation, Dick Eastman - Testimonies From Arround The World, God Destroys An Idol

Renewal Journal#9 Revival in China, Dennis Balcombe - Testimonies From China, Gangsters Try To Disrupt Meeting End Up Bringing Relatives To Be Healed Instead

Renewal Journal#9 Mission in India, Paul Pilai - Testimonies From India, Leader Of Oposition Blinded By Lightening Gives Heart To Jesus After Being Healed

Renewal Journal#9 The River of God, David Hogan - Testimonies From Remote Mexican Tribes, Revival In The Jungle, Dead Raised

Renewal Journal#9 Harvest Now, Robert McQuillan - Reports On The Revivals In Pensacola, Sunderland And Argentina. Many Testimonies.

Renewal Journal#9 Pensacola Revival, Michael Brown, Becky Powers - Reports From The Pensacola Revival