Yet There is Room

Words by Horatius Bonar Music by Ira D. Sankey

“'Yet there is room!' The Lamb's bright hall of song, With its fair glory, beckons thee along."

Dr. Bonar wrote this hymn at my request. I had been singing Tennyson's great poem, ”Late, late, so late, and dark the night and chill, ”at our meetings in Great Britain, in 1873-74, and, on asking permission of the owners of the copyright to use it in my collection of songs, was refused. I then requested Dr. Bonar to write a hymn that should cover much the same ground. ”Yet there is room” was the result. It was one of the first hymns for which I wrote music. It always had a very solemnizing effect on the meetings, especially when the last lines were sung: ”No room, no room—oh, woeful cry,' No room.'“