Waiting and Watching for Me

Words, by Marianne Hearn Music by P. P. Bliss

"When my final farewell to the world I have said,
And gladly lie down to my rest.”

At one of Mr. Moody's meetings in Farwell Hall, Chicago, this testimony was given on one occasion: ”For many years past I have been an infidel, and often lectured to audiences in opposition to the Bible. Today, in the presence of all you who see me, I declare that I am a converted man. I owe the softening of my hitherto stony heart to a Gospel hymn sung by Mr. Bliss, the refrain of which is, ' Will any one then, at the beautiful gate, be waiting and watching for me?' It reminded me so tenderly of my Christian wife, parents, brothers, sisters and children who have gone before me that it quite broke me down; and now Christ and the Word have become my best hope and stronghold."