Verily, Verily

Words by James McGranahan Music by James McGranahan

"O what a Saviour that He died for me!
From condemnation He hath made me free.”

“About twenty years ago, ”writes the Rev. James Sprunt, of London, ”Mrs. S— one evening left her home, near Blandford Square, to visit some of her friends. She was disappointed to find that they were not at home. She called upon others, but they also had gone out. Vexed in mind and weary in body she was returning to her home. Passing the doors of Omega Hall, she was invited to the service then being held inside. She entered, and enjoyed the service, especially the singing of ' O what a Saviour, that He died for me!' This was good news to her soul. By the Spirit of God she had been taught her lost condition. What was she to do? She had been told in the Hall to repent and believe the Gospel, to accept Christ as her Saviour, and to rest her soul on the finished work of Calvary's cross. She heard all this, but did not obey. But when she retired that night her mind could not rest. During her sleep she dreamed that she was in the meeting and had again joined in the hymn, ' O, what a Saviour, that He died for me!' and with the dreamy singing she awoke to say, not in a dream and not in unbelief, but with true faith in God's Son, ' From condemnation He hath made me free.'"